If you are reading this, I am pretty sure that you either know someone who is vegan or you sre interested in becoming vegan yourself. People often wonder why people choose to opt for this type of diet. I know it may be really hard for some people to see a life without meat. However, this street goes both ways, there are many people who can't imagine eating any food that has animal meat in it. The influence of the latter diet choice has far-reaching implications to the extent that it is a lifestyle choice more than just eating arrangements.

No other diet has so many different dimensions as a vegan diet. People can choose a diet for the purpose of losing weight or if it is the new fad but with veganism, it much deeper than that. For many vegans, it's much more fundamental and moral reasoning for a change in diet. Vegans care about the environment and animal welfare as much as a non-vegan cares about the waistline. Becoming vegan is not just a diet, it is a stance for equality.

For instance, a host of celebrities have taken it up to be part and parcel of their lives. Some Hollywood stars such as Russell Simmons have been vegan for almost two decades! Other celebrities who have also taken up the vegan lifestyle are; Woody Harrelson, Peter Dinklage, Ellen Page and even Pamela Anderson. American Hip-Hop rapper Waka Flocka Flame is also part of the ever-expanding movement. If you have been curious to find out why this dietary lifestyle is causing such a buzz, then stick with me as I explore some of the reasons why people are going vegan

I will also give you pointers on how you can smoothly transition into a vegan diet if you are interested.

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Why go vegan in the first place?

Eating food which does not contain any animal products benefits not only the individual but also the animals that would be slaughtered. If you are an animal lover, just like Liam Hemsworth, you must know that we exploit animals as human beings just to get their flesh. Vegans care about the future and the environment and refuse to turn a blind eye to what is really going on with mass producing factor farming animals. The truth is it's killing the planet as fast as it is killing ourselves. This is one of the major driving forces of conversion to a plant-based diet.

Moreover and no less important, there are numerous health benefits to the body of the individual who eats a plant-based diet. Here are some of the benefits that you can get by simply switching to this healthy diet choice.

1. More Nutritional Value.

A vegan diet consists of essential nutrients that are not present in meat. Plant-based foods such as fruits and vegetables contain nutrients such as; Antioxidants, Vitamin E, Folate and even Phytochemicals. All these nutrients serve very important functions in the body. For instance, Antioxidants serve as an important role in preventing cell damage. Recent research findings have proven veganism helps to prevent cancer. In fact, Antioxidants work together with Phytochemicals to fight cancer.

2. Reduced Saturated Fat

Everybody eats fast foods. Nothing these quick statistics I pulled up, 8 out of 10 Americans eat fast foods every month. Mind blowing right? Guess what, there is a catch here. Most fast foods contain saturated fats which are not good at all for your heart. Trans fats made to cook the food are known to cause various heart complications. For better cardiovascular health, it is advised that you eat food free from these fats. Switching to a vegan diet is the simplest way to accomplish this.


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3. Save More

Buying plant-based foods such as fresh fruits, whole grains, beans and vegetables cost less than meat products. People on a vegan diet usually end up spending less than those who have meat on their diet. This is a benefit that comes as a sort of reward from mother nature to those going vegan. The ripple effect of savings goes all the way to the monthly weight loss programs most people pay to subscribe. Moreover, terminal illnesses such as Diabetes, Arthritis, Hypertension and Heart disease are linked to the consumption of animal-based products. In order to avoid the hefty medical and insurance costs to get treatment for these diseases, becoming vegan comes in handy.

4. Save Animals

There are many people with sentiments concerning how animals are mistreated. Most of these people end up facing a dilemma when it comes to eating meat from animals. Such has been the turning point of many as they have a closer connection not only to animals but to the environment as well. Becoming vegan has proven to enable individuals to care more for the environment. This mental shift has a ripple effect that culminates in battling negative climate change. Animal lovers will have a better appreciation for both wild and domestic animals in order to prevent their extinction.

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How to Transition to a Vegan diet

With the many benefits that come with adopting a vegan diet can come with numerous health implications if not properly initiated. Here are a few pointers on how to smoothly transition to a fully vegan diet in a few weeks.

1. Go Gradually.

Making a shift to a fully vegan diet isn't something everyone can do overnight. It may take time for your body/mind to cope with the change in dietary intake. You may lack some nutrients that are contained in meat if not substituted correctly but the good thing is now more than ever have numerous suitable substitutes. For instance, if you have been eating both red and white meat, you may first want to stop eating the red meat say for a week or two. Next, you progress to cutting down your intake of white meat until your done with it completely. Doing this reduces any health risks that you may be prone to as a result of diet change.

2. Take Advice From Your Doctor

It is wise to see a doctor before you make a switch to this diet choice, This is the case so as to determine whether or not it is safe for you to begin the diet plan straight away or not. The doctor will give you the information you need on things such as whether you will need to take supplements. The doctor will give the necessary direction to people with pre-existing medical conditions that may hinder them from adopting a fully vegan diet. Seek advise as a precaution but all in all, there is no reason why it should affect you negatively.

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3. Get a Support System

They say the only thing better than doing what you love doing, is spending time with someone else who loves doing it too! When it comes to being a vegan, this same rule applies. There are numerous online platforms where vegans get to share various experiences and tips together. In fact, you can even hook yourself up with a couple of vegan recipes on Facebook and Twitter with ease. You also get to meet several other vegan individuals with the same cause of saving the environment and staying healthy while they are at it.

4. Don't Be Forceful.

Last but not least, it is very common to find those people who rub their vegan diet on people's faces. This is not only inappropriate but also detrimental to the vegan community. Vegans get a hard time because they often are passionate about their cause. This has rubbed people up the wrong way. Be subtle, stay true to yourself and people, in time will see the light and convert. Sure, there are instances where someone may give you a hard time owing to your diet choice. The best response you can give them is a canny one to put them off. Making the switch to a vegan diet requires a lot of patience and discipline be fantastic for the world as a whole.

Becoming vegan will no doubt change your life. It is a big commitment but big commitment is needed for bug change. They say nothing looks as good as vegan feels. There is no other diet out there that has ahead an impact in the same manner and in the same scope as veganism has. It is changing the world in a good way whether people like to admit it or not. 

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If you do decide to change, that is your choice, if not that too is your choice. Know that one of the choices allows you to look in the mirror and truthfully say. I am not a murderer, nothing was harmed today because of me.