Vegan Banana Bread

Banana bread is a family favorite. Who remembers walking into Grandmas house smelling the warm embracing aroma of freshly baked banana bread? It was for me as I am sure it is for many, one of the fondest memories of childhood.

The only downside was it was not vegan and certainly not healthy but do not fear. Luckily, I’m here to give you a guide to preparing the irresistible vegan banana bread. Now, I know you might have tried making this unique bread and it didn’t turn out as you expected. But you don’t have to worry about your initial disappointments because I’ll walk you through it. Let’s get on with it, shall we?

Getting started

The good news about the vegan banana bread is that it takes less than 60 minutes to prepare and bake. This bread is soy-free, nut-free, refined sugar-free, and of course, vegan. The preparation will take you just about 10 minutes.

Ingredients for banana bread

Ingredients for the Banana Blend:

These are the ingredient for the wet banana mix {it helps to make the bread somewhat moist and spongy}.

• 3 large, overripe bananas

• A third a cup of plant-based milk

• Two tablespoons of powdered flaxseed

• A third a cup of coconut oil or melted vegan butter

• Two tablespoons of pure maple syrup or an equal amount of coconut sugar

• Two teaspoons of pure vanilla extract

Ingredients for the dry mix:

These are the ingredients for the dry dough:

• A teaspoon of baking soda

• A quarter a cup plus two tablespoons of natural cane sugar

• Half teaspoons of baking powder and fine sea salt

• Half a cup of rolled oats

• One and a half cups of whole-grain or light/white Spelt Flour

You can then add a sliced banana, some chocolate chips, or chopped walnuts. These should do well if you need some topping on the banana bread.

Wet mix banana bread in tray

Preparing the Bread

Step One: Start by preheating the oven to 350-degrees Fahrenheit. As the oven heats, spray the loaf pan with some oil. Make sure that you spray the oil lightly.

Step Two: Placing the bananas into the oven for some minutes helps to make it easier to mix. After that, mash the bananas in a large bowl until they are partially smooth. Add the plant-based milk, ground flax, maple syrup, vanilla, and melted vegan butter into the banana paste. Stir thoroughly until all the ingredients mix together.

baked banana bread

Step Three: Add all the dry ingredients into the wet mixture one after another. Start with natural cane sugar, followed by the rolled oats, baking soda, baking powder, sea salt, and finalize with the flour. Once all the flour mixes perfectly, you can stop stirring the ingredients.

Step Four: Add the dough to the loaf pan using a spoon. Ensure that you spread it evenly before adding your desired toppings. Ideally, press the toppings into the dough for them to stick firmly when baking.

Step Five: Bake your bread. While baking the bread, ensure that you leave it uncovered and bake it until it is light golden with a firm top. Even though the top should be firm, it should spring back slowly when you touch it.

Step Six: Let the bread cool. Once the bread is well-baked, take it out and place it with the loaf pan on a cooling rack for around 40 minutes. After that, loosen the bread from the pan by sliding a knife around it gently. Place the bread on the cooling rack for it to cool further.

Step Seven: Slice the bread. Once the bread is fully cooled, you can then slice it as you wish. You may also spread some coconut oil or vegan butter on each slice to make it smooth.

If you wish to eat it throughout the week, you can wrap it in a plastic wrap and tinfoil, then keep it in the fridge for about 4 days. However, it can still last for up to 6 weeks when frozen. If you want to maintain the banana flavor, you can go with the banana toppings.

banana bread

So there you go folks. What are you waiting for? Go try out this incredible vegan banana bread, and you will be proud being a vegan.