Vegan Health Success Stories

In this current age, many of us have unfortunately experienced directly or otherwise the pain the goes with an ill family member. Cancer and other serious illness have ravaged the world leaving behind empty beds and tear-stained faces.

It is horrific what families have to go through and I am sincerely empathetic for anyone who has or is going through this. I have witnessed it and I am sure there is more to come eventually but is there something we can do to minimize the chances of falling ill in the first place!

I believe diet is a major factor in preventing many chronic illnesses and so do many others. Many of whom are in positions that carry much more weight than my own words. Diet has a huge part to play in our health and it baffles me that is barely getting a look in, in western medicine, and when it does, the data is distorted and biased depending on who funds the studies.

I will not give medical advice as I am in no position to do so, my beliefs are irrelevant and my opinion is only an opinion. This post is not designed or has a purpose of promoting or curing any serious disease. It is for entertainment value and can be interpreted in whatever way you choose.

Everyone likes a happy ever after story and these 3 examples have just that. Here are three cases of people who fell ill and decided that their diet was going to change in the hope it would help their situation. What is the worse that could happen anyways?

These are stories of Real People who Beat Disease with the help of a Vegan Diet!

Rob Mooberry; 5 Years after Cancer Diagnosis

Rob Mooberry

Rob was 43 when he was rushed to hospital with a perforated colon, only to learn later that he had colorectal cancer. He was stage 4 but after the initial round of radiotherapy and chemo, it was downgraded to stage 3A. Doctors had said he would need more chemo and he would probably need a colostomy bag fitted.

Just before resuming treatment, Rob tried a raw vegan diet and even convinced his vegetarian wife Amanda to go vegan with him. A year later things had changed for better. In early 2013, Mooberry claims that the scan showed an 80% decrease in the size of the cancer. Today, he has been cancer free for 5 years and raising twins. When he isn’t busy working, Rob runs a small cancer charity in Las Vegas, his home.

The news that he had cancer was a shock to him as he came from a family without a history of cancer. The oncologists recommended more chemo and he didn’t feel like it but had a desire to live. He had reached a point where he would try anything to save his life. He went hardcore eating only raw superfoods! His incredible story may seem like an endorsement to veganism but Rob say’s it is just the truth about how he was healed from a terminal illness.

If nobody, I’m sure the Mooberry twins will love having their Dad around to play with…and, of course, he makes them eat all of their veggies.

Veganism Got Millie’s Heart Healthy Again

How to Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease

In 2011, Millie was released from the hospital at 80 years old. The doctors suggested that her loved ones take her to a hospice and make sure she is comfortable. The doctor simply saw no hope for Millie and recommended the only thing that seemed fair. Leave her to die as the congestive heart failure with an EF of 10% was literally beyond intervention. Her doctor said she didn’t have the strength for the surgery needed to fix her lung problems and kidney infections, all that came with the debilitating condition.

While the doctors had given up on her, her son didn’t. He couldn't give up on his mother, the once sporty, lively, kind health nut. In a desperate move, he searched “How to Survive late-stage congestive heart failure.” That not so random search led him to research by Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn and DR. T. Colin Campbell. It was the most captivating thing her son had ever read... It suggested that a plant-based, whole foods diet was capable of preventing or even reversing heart disease. While it made lots of sense how eating real food would have a great impact on the body doubt lingered on whether it could really help a really sick heart that even the doctors had given up on.

With nothing to lose he moved his ailing mom into the garage of a small apartment shared with his partner Lisa. In the beginning, she was too weak to ingest anything except blended soups and smoothies but real progress was made. All dairy and meat were replaced with grains, vegetables, legumes, and fruits. Positive changes were almost instantly noticeable but owing to her delicate state of health, she ended up back in the ICU, but only for a bout of dehydration. Despite such incidences, they stuck to the whole food plant based diet and watched as she began to return to her normal self.

Millie’s appearance improved within months and her appetite was returning. In a few more months she was able to go to the bathroom without help but even better things happened. Millie who was given a few months to live by a doctor met her granddaughter and six years later and still lives a full life.

Of course, she still goes to the doctors to make sure her heart is still healthy. Millie’s miraculous healing is without a doubt the result of a diet devoid of dairy and meat. This occurrence inspired her son and his wife to switch to the diet that literally saved her from the brink of death.

Chris Got His Life Back by Going Vegan

Raw Vegan Healing Diet

Chris was 26 years old on new year’s eve, 2003 and remembers waking up in a hospital bed without part of his colon. Chris’s tummy had been
aching for a long time but like the typical macho man, he ignored the pain. Every time he ate my stomach would ache so badly and he knew it was time to see a medic. Several misdiagnoses later, the doctor sent him for a colonoscopy and there it was. There was a large mass in his intestines and a biopsy confirmed that the golf-ball sized tumor was cancerous. How did a 26-year-old man end up with a disease that is rare even among the elderly? He was immediately put on a plan to manage the stage 3 colon cancer. During surgery, it was discovered that cancer had reached his lymph nodes which meant he needed about a year of chemo.

At the hospital, he wondered why they served him a sloppy joe just after removing a third of his intestine. It was strange that they found it appropriate to feed junk food to a patient, not to mention one with cancer. Upon asking the surgeon whether there were any foods he needed to avoid, he shrugged it off and said: “No, just don’t lift anything heavier than a beer. 

When he got back home to recover, Chris thought a lot about his future and chemo. He didn’t want chemo and so he turned to God to reveal another way he might be healed. A couple of days later he received a book from a friend of his father’s in Alaska (they had never met). The book was authored by a man who said he was healed of the same disease by a raw vegan diet. Immediately Chris knew God had answered his prayers.

When he informed them that he had decided to ditch chemo, the doctor and his family were extremely mad. However, he was convinced that destroying his body wasn’t going to get him any better. With the guidance of an integrative oncologist and holistic nutritionist, he was slowly healed of the disease.

Many people like Chris have been healed from cancer through a strict vegan diet. He believes that he is here a decade after the initial
diagnosis only because of God and diet. He realized early on that chemotherapy would only make him weaker and the food at hospital simply made things worse. That triggered him to turn to nature for food in its purest form; a decision he clearly doesn’t regret.

So here you have it, three success stories of people battling chronic diseases and winning, all with a plant-based diet! 

If that doesn't tell us something about diet being related to overall health then I do not know what will. There needs to be a major change made within our health and education system in order to create a population with far less chronic disease. Hospitals should be revising and improving their menu options, cutting out the junk food and replacing it with real food. Children need to be taught in school about how diet and nutrition can have such a huge effect on their overall health. And lastly, doctors need to start informing their patients about the benefits of a changed diet and not just focus on reducing symptoms and suppressings side effects. This is a naive and silly approach. To really cure oneself, we need to address the issue at its root and a healthy diet, clean water, exercise and stress-reducing exercise are in my opinion, the best way to beat anything natures throws at you.

I feel we should educate ourselves, don't rely on doctors to guide you in a direction that may be less beneficial than you think. Doctors are humans and make mistake and just practice want they have been thought. We should learn to listen to our bodies and educate ourselves. For then, you can be a little more prepared if anything unexpected comes your ways