Why Choose a Plant Based Protein Powder?

Protein is an essential building block for our bodies. It is essential for building and repairing tissues. Everything from your organs to your skin, your muscles, nails and even hormones are made up of some amount of protein.
Most people are less concerned with all of the magical things protein does throughout their body and more concerned with using it as a muscle building or weight loss tool. There are three main reasons protein is a good way of doing these things:
  • Protein helps to maintain muscle as it helps your body preserve muscle and burn fat
  • Protein helps keep you full longer
  • Protein helps burn calories due to its thermic effect
All of this is great news for those who are wanting to build muscle or lose fat, yet the next question that comes to mind is: "What sort of protein powder should I use?"
There are many different types of protein powder now available on the market and it can be confusing to know which one to use!
The main and most popular option is Whey protein. This is a protein that is derived from the cheese making process. That means it is not vegan and not always the best option.
There are a few reasons why not to use whey such as:
  • It can trigger acne
  • It is harsh on the digestion system
  • It is bad for the environment
  • Hormones in dairy have been linked to cancer
  • Dairy products have been linked with hair loss
So what else can you use instead of Whey? There are many options! The main ones being: Rice Protein, Pea Protein and Hemp Protein.
So, Why Choose a Plant Based Protein Powder?

Increase the amount of fibre you are consuming

Plants are totally packed with fibre! Fibre is a super important part of a healthy and balanced diet and right now, most people are not consuming enough! A recent study showed most adults in the UK are only getting 18g of fibre per day, yet the recommended intake is 30g per day. That's almost double what the current consumption is. 

Fibre is only found in plants so by using a plant-based protein powder you can guarantee an increase in the amount of fibre you are consuming. An increased consumption of fibre helps to prevent heart disease, diabetes, some cancers and improve digestive health.
By eating foods that are high in fibre means that you will also feel full for longer. Due to your body taking more time to digest the soluble and insoluble fibre, you will feel as though you do not need to eat as often. 

Increase Your Metabolism 

Increasing your protein intake helps to boost your metabolism. It takes longer to digest than fats and carbohydrates and helps to stimulate the thermic effect when consumed. 
The great thing about plant protein is that it also takes a while for your body to digest due to the high amount of fibre.
The more your body works on metabolizing the plant protein you have eaten, the better your body is at burning the extra fat you are trying to get rid of.
A plant-based protein powder performs two duties to help you achieve your weight loss goals. It contains both fibre and protein in one handy place! 

Plant Based Protein is Alkalizing

An important way to keep your body healthy is to ensure that you are alkaline. While meats and dairy are acidic foods, plants are quite the opposite. When you consume acidic foods, your body takes minerals from our bones and other places to help offset the acidity.
This is why a Plant Based protein is better than a whey protein as it will help alkaline your body. Try to find a protein that is high in chlorophyll to ensure you are giving your body the best you can.
This is just three of the many reasons why a plant based protein powder is the right choice! 
Have a look at these proteins and see if there's one for your needs!

Hemp Power Pro

Hemp Protein

Pea Power Pro

Rice Power Pro

Let us know what you think and what your favourite Plant Based Protein is!